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Retruster is the next-generation in email protection.

Protect Your Users against Phishing emails, Ransomware & Fraud.

90% of cyber attacks use a fake email to gain access to your business.

Just 1 Phishing email can lead to massive costs often reaching the hundreds of thousands, plus Ransomware, Identity Theft and Data Breaches.


Fake emails used to gain entry into your system, often installing malicious code.

Data Breach

It doesn't affect only you - all your customers' data is compromised.


Could you afford being locked out of your computers for days, and lose all data?

Financial Fraud

Companies lose between $50,000-$3m per phishing email.

Identity Theft

Once attackers gain access to your system, they have all your secrets.

Legal Action

You can be held liable for breaches that could have been stopped.

Protect your organization against Phishing right now

Do business knowing that you're protected with the leading phishing solution. All employees are covered, and you're never left wondering if an email is a threat. When it comes to how to prevent email phishing, Retruster is your answer.

Protect your entire company against Phishing in seconds

Retruster works in the background to keep your company protected. Your users don't need to do anything.

Seamless integration with Microsoft

All you need is your Microsoft username and password, and you're set. No downloads required. Retruster is a member of the Microsoft™ Partner Network and Microsoft™ Appsource. It's the ultimate Office 365 anti phishing tool. It’s also compatible with any other solutions you have.

Case Study

Cheated by the Chairman

Retruster Stops Well-Disguised Phishing Email Designed To Deliver Malware (BEC attack).

The Unfolding Of Events

A senior member of the finance department of a well-known financial services company received an email from the Chairman of the Board, containing certain urgent yet confidential information. This email, which looked completely legitimate in every way, was in fact a cleverly disguised phishing email, created and sent by malicious actors based abroad. The email contained a form of malware such that if a file in the email was opened, the entire company would be infected by ransomware, its data compromised and exfiltrated, with the concomitant costs and embarrassing headlines.

Large Manufacturer

Retruster is used by one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of electrical parts in the vehicle industry, consumer and industrial markets.

About the Testimonial Company

With their own staff of engineers and exclusive manufacturing facilities, this company has been at the forefront of innovative and revolutionary products worldwide. The company deals with a network of suppliers and customers throughout Asia, the United States, and beyond. This creates a complex email environment, with increased risk for phishing attacks. The company uses Retruster to successfully identify and stop numerous phishing attacks, and have relied on Retruster to keep the company protected.

Financial Institution

Retruster engaged by large regional bank.

The engagement

A large regional bank commissioned Retruster to enhance its email security posture.

The institution wanted to enhance the Bank’s email security architecture, in particular regarding sophisticated email threats that may introduce reputational and financial risk to the Bank.

The results

Adding Retruster to the Bank's existing product stack was seamless, with no disruption.



Next generation online protection.

Security starts here

How do over 90% of cyber attacks start?

With a phishing email. Ransomware, malware, financial fraud. All from phishing emails. These emails are getting more sophisticated, and the tools available just can’t keep up. These tools grew out of the anti-spam world of the 90’s and are generally rule-based, slow to respond, require massive servers, and are ill-equipped to deal with modern threats. Attackers are agile: leveraging automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.