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GamaSec provides a unique combination of cyber security and financial assurance to minimize the risk of website attacks for small and medium-sized businesses. FINALLY, SMBs gain the same security and resilience as large enterprises.


GamaSec provides a combination of online web vulnerability-scanning, daily malware detection & blacklist monitoring for optimal protection that significantly reduce risk of cyber breach of your website.


GamaSec offers an always-on, cloud-based PCI-certified Web Application Firewall (WAF) and advanced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection to consistently guard against web attacks.

The security you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Gamasec Trusted Website Security

Powerful protection. Easy, affordable solutions for your website.

Cyber Security for online Business

Innovative Security Technology

Secure your web site with a technology based on a different backbone and years of experience with hundreds of customers worldwide.

Web Scanner Solution & Malware Detection

Identify and eradicate all web vulnerabilities and malware with GamaSec web solutions to maximize customer confidence and increase sales.

Easy to Use and Friendly Interface

Get an intuitive view of your web security with our detailed dashboards and take the right steps to improve your organization's security.

Cloud Based Solution

Meet your web security challenges without making upfront investments and hiring expensive highly skilled engineers.

We offer all-inclusive security to all website

We provide protecting against the most common and devastating attacks: cyber attacks, data leakage, website vandalism, and DDoS attacks.

All-in-one premium web security features in one easy to use packag:

  • WAF, DDoS , login protection, intuitive dashboard, etc. included without any extra costs
  • No need for installation, updating, or maintenance, as we provide all of this as a service to end users
  • WAF elite patented detection technology, called COCEP, is a non-signature-based detection, which means there are zero updates required in order for us to intelligently identify web attacks Offer DDoS Protection (correct detection and blocking of DDoS attacks) for Layers 3, 4, and 7
  • one of the most accurate in the industry with low false positives (incorrect blocking of legitimate traffic) Real time tracking of all web attacks and web visitor information on our dashboard Can customize our WAF to ANY environment
  • Helps online businesses achieve compliance, Fully PCI-DSS 6.6 compliant

We know how busy you are. So we made a time-saving solution that will secure your web presence in 3 minutes.

No installation

No coding, No download, No hardware. GamaSec does not require any complicated setup. All you need to do is change your name server. Everything else is done by GamaSec because we care about your peace of mind.

FW & DDos protection features

Advanced DDoS Protection (Layer 3, 4, 7), PCI-Certified Web Application Firewall(WAF), Global Content Delivery Network, Web Optimization, OWASP Core Rule Set, Reputation-based Threat Protection, Board Spam Protection, Block Visitors by IP or country, Login Protection

No tech-jargon

GamaSec speaks your language. You will not struggle with over-use of technology jargon. GamaSec is designed with the full scope of all the websites and all the different customers in mind. GamaSec features a user-friendly service for everyone to easily use and understand

Intuitive dashboard

Never have problems understanding attack information with GamaSec The types of attacks and their purposes are visualized by frequency, location, and historical period. You can view our sample dashboard without signing up.